Program Assessment

Don’t wait for a disaster to discover your crisis management plan is ineffective or out of date. How an organization responds in the first twenty-four hours of a crisis is critical – for your employees, your assets, and your brand. Whether it is a natural or man-made event, a crisis is not on the company calendar and may strike at any time. Let Seven Citadels Consulting collaborate with your team to assess the readiness and effectiveness of your organization’s crisis management plan.

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If your organization does not have a plan to deal with a critical incident or event, let us help. We will work with you to develop a needs based plan that keeps your employees safe, mitigates the risk of liability, and limits business interruption. We help you understand the critical elements of an effective plan and the importance of collaboration and integration. For smaller organizations we help develop emergency response plans to meet OSHA requirements and coordinate with first responders to ensure a seamless approach.



Crisis Team Training

Often overlooked in crisis management programs is training for the leadership team. An effective response requires an informed team that understand crisis management concepts, best practices, and their roles and responsibilities in leading the organization through a critical event. Training is hands-on and offered at several levels depending on the size and complexity of the organization. Our knowledge and understanding of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) is of great value in helping you collaborate with first responders.



Table Top Planning & Exercises

There is an old saying that “you play the way you practice”. The same principle applies to crisis and emergency response preparedness. Table top exercises are an efficient way to proactively test an organization’s response to a critical event. Seven Citadels Consulting works with our clients to develop reasonable scenarios that objectively test the plans and protocols to ensure resiliency.




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