Protecting your people, product, and assets.

Ineffective physical security controls and processes put your employees at risk to workplace violence and contribute to the theft of product, property, and intellectual assets. They may also expose your organization to claims of negligent security and may negatively impact the company’s brand and reputation.

Our holistic approach and understanding of best practices allows us to reach across your organization to understand, assess, and strategically align security with your business objectives. We provide tailored services and solutions developed and delivered by a former Fortune 500 Chief Security Officer (CSO). As an independent security consulting practice we provide a robust and objective perspective from a knowledge leader. Quite simply, enabling our clients to assess, respond, and mitigate operational risk in their organizations is what we do.

Our “Virtual CSO” initiative gives your organization ongoing access to a trusted security advisor and subject matter expert. Board certified in security management and threat management, our approach is grounded in years of corporate security, law enforcement, and business experience.

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