Some Examples of Our Work


A large, national logistics company was concerned about physical security at the corporate campus that they shared with several tenant organizations. The company had recently experienced a workplace violence shooting and was concerned about uncontrolled access into their buildings, including common areas shared with the tenant organizations. Key stakeholders and employees were interviewed to assess the client’s ideal security environment. A comprehensive security risk assessment was conducted of existing security controls used on the campus. During the vulnerability assessment phase several gaps in existing security controls were identified. A comprehensive report detailing observations and recommendations was provided to the client. Implementation of the recommendations enhanced security processes and controls in a nonintrusive nature; thereby satisfying client’s needs and enhancing collaboration with the tenants.

A Fortune 500 company with a global footprint had serious concerns about travel security for their employees who were required, because of pressing business needs, to travel to a country with a high risk of  terrorism and crime. Seven Citadels developed a comprehensive travel security protocol to ensure all reasonable and prudent steps were taking before and during the employees travel to minimize the threat. This included a comprehensive threat assessment of the criminal, terrorist, and geo-political threats in this country. Emergency response protocols were assimilated into the planning in the event of a security or medical emergency.



A mid-cap food company had a unique challenge. They needed to comply with a number of federally mandated food security and physical security requirements but had limited resources available to meet those requirements. The corporate security department was under-staffed, and they were also tasked with company wide environmental, health, and safety responsibilities. Seven Citadels developed a strategy to maximize existing personnel by assigning them the additional responsibility of security coordinator. Many of them were already tasked, informally, with food security compliance. A security manual and on-line security training material was developed to educate the security coordinators and to ensure compliance with the mandated food security and physical security requirements. The result was a more informed security awareness at each site that allowed corporate security to focus on security strategy and organizational resilience of the company.


A small-cap energy company consolidated several locations and hundreds of employees into their new headquarters. The company developed an initial emergency response plan but wanted an independent assessment and validation to ensure the plan was comprehensive and practical. A comprehensive review of the emergency response plan was conducted to include meeting with key stakeholders. Utilizing this information and best practices in crisis and emergency response planning, a vulnerability assessment identified weaknesses in the plan. Additional emergency response protocols were developed and assimilated into the new emergency response plan. Recommendations and guidance were also provided on conducting periodic tabletop exercises to practice and continually validate the effectiveness of the emergency response plan.



An employee communicated multiple and serious threats of violence in the workplace to several co-workers. The management team had little experience in threat management and requested assistance in assessing and mitigating this threat. No threat assessment team or experience in threat management existed at the affected site. An ad-hoc threat assessment team was convened to quickly gather the relevant information and assess the threat. Previously undisclosed information was obtained which demonstrated a history of violence by the person communicating the threats. A high-risk termination protocol was quickly developed and executed which greatly diminished the risk. It also pointed the former employee to available social services for his anger management issues. This further reduced the threat of the former employee returning to the workplace.

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