Healthcare facilities are not immune from the risk of violence. They are one of the most dangerous environments for workplace violence, with a rate four times higher than the private sector. A thoughtful and holistic approach is necessary in preventing and mitigating security risks to ensure a safe environment and enhance patient care. 

Our firm can assess the current state of the workplace violence prevention program to ensuremeets compliance standards and national best practices. If no plan exists, we work with you to build the framework for such a program and implement it throughout the organization.

Our physical security assessment begins with listening to your stakeholders to understand their security and safety concerns. We observe and assess the current state of video surveillance, access control, barriers, fencing, signage, locks & keys, and other measures to assess their effectiveness and compare them against best practices. We also review policies, procedures, and processes to ensure alignment with physical security controls.

An independent assessment of your facility’s security management plan provides an objective perspective from a subject matter expert. It can ensure a holistic approach to security risk management, and identify opportunities to improve program performance standards and metrics.

Effective utilization of security officers, either proprietary or contract, is crucial to providing a safe and secure patient care environment – from organization and staffing to recruiting, training, and deployment of security officers. 

We provide training for administrators, providers, nurses, security personnel, and other staff on a range of topics including developing security management plans, violence prevention, threat management, security awareness, security officer operations, internal investigations, and physical security measures. 

Our firm provides the necessary expertise to ensure your security standard of care affords the necessary level of protection required for the many and varied security risks in today’s environment.

Let us help your team bring together the best in healthcare security and safety best practices by leveraging our knowledge and experience. Our firm is a member of the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS), board certified in security management, and certified in threat management by the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP).

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