What We Do

Security Risk Alignment

Security Operations Assessment

Does your organization have a process to align security risk mitigation with your business objectives? Is it effective and sustainable? We collaborate with our clients to help them understand how security risks impact their growth strategy. Working with our clients we ensure security is aligned to support the business.  We identify threats and vulnerabilities to help you decide your risk tolerance. Be sure security and the business are properly aligned and not pulling in opposite directions.

The effective operations of your security department is critical in ensuring the protection of people, property and assets. Our security operations assessment provides you an objective assessment of your security operations by a knowledge leader. We critically assess the many elements of your security operations,  ensuring its  efficiency in mitigating operational security risks in your organization.

Trusted Security Advisor

Policy and Procedure

Seven Citadels Consulting has decades of expertise includes invaluable experience as Chief Security Officer (CSO) for three Fortune 500 companies. Leveraging our extensive experience with the C-Suite, we understand the importance of assimilating the organization’s security risk mitigation strategy into the overall enterprise risk process. Modeled from national standards and best practices, our trusted security advisor approach provides your organization the core elements of a chief security officer at a fraction of the cost.


Sustainable and cost effective security operations are supported by sound security policies, procedures, and best practices. Our decades of experience includes the best of these protocols and can save your organization extensive time and expenses in developing policies and procedures from scratch. Our knowledge, understanding, and ability to identify best practices brings great value to your business as we work with you to find sound and executable protocols.


"As one of the world's leading suppliers of frozen potato products, transitioned to an independent, publicly held company in November of 2016, we needed the advice and counsel of a trusted security professional. Jim Dale and Seven Citadels Consulting were a perfect fit. They successfully guided us in the transition to ensure we continued to meet FDA required food defense measures and best practices. They also helped us develop a roadmap to mitigate future security risks and ensure the resiliency of our operations. We continue to use Jim and Seven Citadels Consulting and highly recommend them as a trusted security advisor".
Lamb Weston
Senior VP - Global Supply Chain