Board certified in security management and threat management, we have the requisite experience and knowledge to help you mitigate security risks.

We collaborate with our clients to help them understand how security risks impact their growth strategy. We help you identify threats and vulnerabilities, and work with you to develop the appropriate risk tolerance. Our goal is to ensure security is aligned to support the organization.

Our physical security assessment begins with listening to your stakeholders to understand their security and safety concerns. We observe and assess the current state of video surveillance, access control, barriers, fencing, signage, locks & keys, and other measures to assess their effectiveness and compare them against best practices. We also review policies, procedures, and processes to ensure alignment with physical security controls.

An independent assessment of the operations of your security program is essential to ensureit is effective and efficient. 

Effective utilization of security officers, either proprietary or contract, is crucial to providing a safe and secure patient care environment – from organization and staffing to recruiting, training, and deployment of security officers. 

Our training is based on best practices in security management, awareness, and prevention.  It is gearedensurethose tasked with security related responsibilities have both the knowledge and understanding to be effective.

Our holistic approach and understanding of best practices allows us to reach across your organization to understand, assess, and strategically align security with your business objectives. We provide an objective and thoughtful  perspective as your trusted security advisor.

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