How resilient is your organization? Are you prepared? Are you ready to respond?

The resiliency of any organization may be tested without notice and often with very adverse results. Man-made or natural disasters have their own timetable and the consequences may be exacerbated by the lack of proper planning. Are you prepared? Do key stakeholders understand their roles and responsibilities? Have you exercised your plans and trained your teams?

An insider threat, terrorism, act of violence, extortion, pandemic, kidnapping, ethical misconduct, security breach or adverse geo-political event can happen at any time and without warning. Organizations need robust crisis management and emergency response processes to meet the standard of care expected by their stakeholders. A resilient organization understands the criticality of a holistic approach to plan, prevent, mitigate and respond to a crisis.

Let Seven Citadels Consulting help you assess your existing plans. Or, in the absence of a crisis management plan, let us help develop one that meets your needs. We work with our clients to train their crisis leadership and emergency response teams. We develop and facilitate table top exercises to test their crisis management plans. You cannot always control what happens, but you can control your readiness to respond. Now is the time, don’t wait for the crisis to happen before you act. Make resiliency a priority in your organization.

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